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Outdoor memories progress keeper and stitch marker set

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Do you like to explore with your projects?
I chose these motifs as a reminder of a family cottage in northern-ish Ontario:

-the loon: my favourite bird to see on the water

-the canoe: quintessential Canadian transportation 

-the campfire: marshmallows? good company?

- the Adirondack chair: where else would you sit?

- the inukshuk: meaning “in the likeness of a human” There are many of these built on the land we visit, that belongs to traditional peoples that were there long before us. They mark places of importance, serve as a guide, and for warnings and welcoming. 

Your choice of a beautiful progress keeper/BOR marker, accoutrement to bring you joy.. and a set of 5 coordinating stitch markers made of engraved walnut  

Available on lever-back hardware, these are suitable for knitting, crochet and Tunisian crochet.

Hardware is a light gold, PK is light gold with enamel fill and stitch markers are engraved walnut veneer.