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knitting crochet hook needle size reminder stitch markers set of 5

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*this listing is for a set of 5, let me know what sizes you need, in increments of .25mm)
do you ever have so many WIPs and not enough hooks or needles? You throw that old WIP aside and cast on something shiny and new. ⁣And then when you’ve finished the new and try to go back to the old... you can’t remember what size hook/needle you were using?⁣

the stress of having to gauge swatch (again.. or the first time, because let’s face it, you probably didn’t do it when you started) or just wing it and hope for the best is daunting. ⁣ fret no more!

clip one of these babies to your project and you’ll never forget what size you used! ⁣ the marker itself measures approximately .75”/1.9cm (both round and oval)
Available from sizes 1-15mm (or let me know if you need something else), please enter the sizes in the text box provided.