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Lavender yarn cake spinner

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The tool you’ve been looking for! The best way to take your cake on the go, manage multiple skeins and keep tangles to a minimum  

Slide the spindle into the slot on the disc, pop your yarn cake or ball onto the spindle and clip your strap into the hole and you’re ready to go!

you can definitely still use your cake as a centre-pull, but it does work best when using the yarn from the outside.

made out of marbled acrylic you can expect some variance in the colour and glittering. One side has a lot of glitter and marbling, while flip side of the acrylic is a more muted version. 

The strap is made from durable 1” webbing with a silver spinning clasp.

you may not be receiving the exact spinner picture, but one from the same sheet of acrylic which will be similar!


strap: ~7” with clasp
disc: ~4”
spindle: ~5.25” (when measuring from top of disc to bottom of hole for clasp)